My Super One

2:20 AM


I learned my cooking skills from my dad.

When I was younger, he would bring me along to the supermarket and he would teach me how to pick the best fruits and the freshest vegetables and he would teach me all these tips about bringing out the flavor in food. Often times, he would cook breakfast for me, my mom and my sisters even though he still had to leave for the office. I always loved to watch him, but more often than not, I would just love to wait and eat.

But then, my dad would always had to leave the country for work. Sometimes, it took him months to come back. Sometimes, it would take him a couple of  years.  And growing up without a daddy always by your side is kindda hard, not only because I`m a daddy`s girl badly missing her dad, but also because I always missed his cooking. ;)

The good thing is that even though he always had to be away, my dad and I developed a good relationship and he was still able to teach me many things.   He ALWAYS found a way to call. He was concerned even with the most trivial things that happens to me and he would always tell me how much he loves me. Sometimes, he would even text me just to ask me to cook sinigang when he comes back `cause he  said he always missed Filipino food.     

Last year, my dad decided to come home for good and work here in the Philippines. This time, I`m the one doing the texting--not because I want him to cook but because I felt it`s now my turn to do the cooking for him. When I have time off from  work, I would drop by the supermarket, would get the ingredients myself and I would tell him to come home to a delectable dinner (Okay, that`s an overstatement right there. It should just had been “dinner” minus the “delectable”. ;p )

Seriously, it`s now my turn to show love to my Super One who had always treated me as his Super One—my dad.


He is such a great man and I love him so much! <3



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