365 Days of Love: Helping Out at the Store

12:37 AM

DAY 2 Some of you might have heard that we`ve got a family store. My mom is the one who`s taking care of it but because she can`t do that all the time, my sisters are taking their turns in manning the store.

I really don`t tend to it, just occasionally when the girls are out or when mom`s busy. So, I thought that maybe I can take my turn and commit to helping out in running the store.

IMG_5909 This morning, I made a shift schedule for me and and the girls and committed myself to help out in the morning from 8am-12nn. It`s gonna be great since my sisters, my mom and I would be back by 8am from our morning walk and I`ll also have time to study Korean while tending to the store.

It`ll be a comfort to my sisters and my mom since they could do other things in the morning instead of being in the store.

I guess if you really love the people around you, you would care about the things they also care about, right? ;)


DAY 2: Help out in the family business.

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