1040 Movie: Philippine Premiere

6:08 AM

Okay, what are you doing on the 23rd? Ava and I just got tickets to the Philippine Premiere of 1040.

It`s a documentary about Asia and how missions is doing today. Van Ness Wu, the F4 guy, who is Christian is also in the film and here`s a clip, just in case you want a little preview.

I really hope you guys could come. I`ve heard really inspiring feedback about the film, and we just couldn`t miss this, right? We got to go into the world and we got to be equipped! ;)

Jaeson Ma, the creator of the film will be coming and will be sharing his story too. Sadly, the premiere will only last for a day.1040POSTER5

It`s a holiday on the 23rd. So, let`s go! Tickets are only at P150. You can walk-in but they`re gonna seat you on the balcony. So you better get your tickets now so you`d be on priority—and so we could sit next to each other. Just let me know if you`d like to come. We`ve got some extra seats reserved, but we have to confirm if we`re taking them on the 16th.

Let`s go, let`s go! ;)

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