365 Days of Love: Made Coffee for Dad

5:14 AM

DAY 1 It`s 5am and I was on my laptop taking a photo of myself. ;) Dad woke up, opened the store, and went out to walk the dog. When he returned, he asked me to make him a cup of coffee.
It`s not the first time he asked me to do his coffee early in the morning, but I this is definitely the first time I stopped what I was doing and made coffee while deeply meaning in it my heart that I`m doing this because I`m putting him above myself—not because I was only asked to do it.

I never really liked the idea of stopping what I`m doing to do something else. But you know what, one thing I learned today is that if you love somebody, you could put down anything you`re doing just to meet the need of the person you love.
And it just brings joy to your heart.
The rest of the thing you`re doing—you could do it later. But you couldn`t miss an opportunity to show that you really love someone—and in this case, my dad.
DAY 1: Make coffee for your daddy and drop whatever it is that you`re doing to meet a need of a person you love.

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