Too Weak?

4:28 AM


Were there times when you felt you were too weak to have faith? Too weak to win over an area of struggle? To weak to hold on?


I certainly have. Many, many times. In fact, because I have failed so many times, I was too ashamed to face God and even though I know He forgives, I have given up on myself. I could not forgive myself for being weak and making the same mistakes over and over again.


The other day, I was making dinner and the radio was on in the kitchen,(My mom loves listening to radio while doing her chores) and this preaching was on the radio. The preacher was saying that many times in the Bible, we are commanded to “Stand firm”. It was not in a persuasive or begging tone but is given out is a command, like how a military commander would command his soldiers to do a military task.


Many times we forget that God sees us as soldiers, people who are strong, people whom He can trust. Yes, we are weak on our own, but haven`t He given us His Spirit? Isn`t Jesus with us?


The enemy seeks to destroy us. And he starts by whispering lies about who we really are. He knows that when we start doubting about our identity in Christ, he can easily lure us into his wicked schemes.


We are sons and daughters of the Living God. We are strong because He is our strength. He said that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. Our hearts and lives are hidden on Him. So let`s face the battle with courage because God is our Commander-in-chief. And we know that we can do all things things through Him.

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