I Love “Stapling” for You

4:56 AM

It’s almost 4am now and I’m about to sleep but I can’t put off writing about this till tomorrow. I really can’t wait till tomorrow to share this with you.
I was on Facebook, checking out Pastor Min Chung’s profile. I do that really often because I love how he writes, how he shares his thoughts. I learn a lot from the things he shares, his insights from normal everyday happenings. They really are really words of wisdom I cherish in my heart.

Tonight, I love his story about “stapling”. I used to staple a lot too when I was younger…and even till now, when I make hand-outs for our young people in church. And I’m loving it! And like Pastor Min Chung, I want to always feel the same way about stapling--to always feel privileged for the opportunity to do things for the Lord no matter how seemingly small and mundane they are… even if I would be asked to clean, sweep, or remove gum under the chairs.

So this short note is really like a sweet reminder/test/encouragement for me tonight. Very, very humbling. Praying I’'ll always feel and understand how privileged I am to serve Him, regardless of how small or big the task. Smile  Enjoy reading! Have a blessed day ahead!
1. When I was a junior high student as a youth group member, I was happy stapling Sunday school material for the church whole Saturday, because I felt so privileged to staple for the Lord

2. When I was a college student, I was the first to come to church and the last to leave, setting up the chairs and cleaning the floor, because I felt so privileged to set up chairs for the Lord

3. When I became a pastor, I sit and meditate and prepare sermons and I am on my knees praying for people, because I feel the indescribable sense of privilege to be able to feed His people for the Lord.

4. When I feel the potential for my heart to be proud, I test it as I always ask this question, “will I still be thankful to staple for the Lord?”

5. When my time is done as I lie on my deathbed, I want to be able to say, “what a privilege it was, while I was alive, to be able have the chance to staple for the Lord.”

-Ptr. Min Chung

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  1. A beautiful reminder. Thanks for sharing! Grabbing your badge, feel like I have not visited in too long! Have a blessed week, and enjoy whatever "stapling" God brings your way!

  2. @Modern Day Disciple Hi Dawn! Wow, thank you for grabbing my badge! I haven't posted in long time as well. It feels good to be back. :D Enjoy your week, dear sis! I joined your site--on Google connect! Blessings!

  3. great reminder - God sees the little things and he knows our attitudes, too. Often, I find myself grumbling about the mundane tasks in my life instead of seeing them as ways to serve the King. Thank you.



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