Oh, Cold Soybean Noodles!

3:25 AM

It`s 4:15am and my stomach is grumbling. I was browsing through Korean lessons and found these pictures.


Cold Soybean Noodles


Cold Jellyfish salad


Stir-fried spicy pork

Now, my mouth is watering! Oh, that cold soybean noodle soup! Doesn`t it look yummy?


If only I could go all the way to the supermarket right now and get myself all the veggies and meat I need too cook for breakfast!


But I would only have to leave that to my imagination `cause there`s no way I`m gonna ever be in a supermarket at this time of the morning. The only thing we have in the house for breakfast right now is Energen. :p Will have to wait for Mom to wake up for her breakfast plans.


But at this point, I have no choice. Even though  I`ve had 2 packets of Energen earlier, I guess I would have to get my third… ;)

Kung pwede lang, cold soybean noodles!

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