Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

4:36 AM


The Powerpuff girls were created by “Sugar and spice and everything nice”, although according to the cartoon, Professor Utoninium only had them made “extra special” by accident. Nonetheless, the Professor loved them and found them very, very lovely little girls.


Like the Powerpuff girls, we were also created with sugar and spice and everything nice. Okay, not sugar and spice…but definitely, with everything nice. ;) We were created in the image of the King!


But unlike our favorite cute, little heroines on TV, we didn`t come about by accident. We were formed and handcrafted by God. Every intricate detail was meticulously and lovingly formed by His hands. Could you imagine what were in His thoughts as He was making you? He must have smiled and thought how much He loves you.


Beautiful things don`t just happen by random explosions or freaky accidents, the same way flowers don`t come out of the milk spills we sometimes make. Every beautiful thing is planned and thought about for many, many days. Like how an architect plots a blueprint. Like how an artist toil to perfect his masterpiece. Like how a pianist carefully writes down his composition note by note.


Like how God creates babies in their mother`s womb.


Like how He created you.


So the next you feel that no one loves you, or you don`t have worth, look at yourself in the mirror.


The person that you see in there, is someone Jesus loves so dearly. So always put that pretty smile in your face, will you? ;)

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