Mercies in Disguise

11:41 PM

I was listening to this song the whole afternoon and it spoke right through my heart--I cried so much! ^^




Don’t we sometimes forget that blessings don’t come only in sweet, candy-like forms, but even our unanswered prayers are gifts from a loving and caring God who wants nothing than the best for us?


I really don’t want to write very long today so you could just enjoy the song. I know you must’ve heard this before but a nice reminder today.


Good night everybody!



Blessings-Laura Story

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  1. Cathy, you know I'm also listening to this same song for a week now.. I'm so touched by this..

  2. @Monique Edelle Hi Monique! It's been a while! How are you? So touching, db? I love how the words are written. Really beautiful.It's like God speaking to my heart and reminding me He's always in control.

  3. Wow.. this is an amazing song :) Do you know the song "My life is in your hands" by kathy T? hehe kapangalan mo pa hehe. Maganda din sya :)

  4. Miss ur posts. :) post na! Hehe. Thanks for the inspiration. Your link is bookmarked in my ipod.:)

  5. Just stumbled across your blog..very nice ^-^ I look forward to following you!



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