4 Days To Christmas: Reflections

12:23 AM

I can’t believe how time flies really quick… it’s 4 days till Christmas and the year is almost over! Wow!

Before I begin with my stories and updates, I would like to apologize (I’m really sorry) for being absent from the blog for so long and without notice. I know I should’ve dropped a note or something. Yay!


{Jesus and Me! ^^}

Honestly, early in the last quarter of the year, I was struggling in my heart (will tell you about it in another post), but it was also the time when God came so unexpectedly, and in an unbelievable way. He has done great miracles and renewed my hope and enlarged my faith. There were things I waited for a long, long time and for a while I even doubted that God would make it happen.

But now the waiting is over. I mean, there are still a lot of things I’m waiting and hoping for…but at this season of my life, I cannot doubt that God makes things beautiful in His own time.

Sometimes, that “time” seems like forever in coming, but when it’s here, when it’s “now”, you just can’t believe how God moves and He just surprises you. First because you know it’s undeserved, second because you know it’s out of His overflowing, passionate love. I feel so bad for the time I resented and doubted. He has never forgotten. When He denies something, it is always because He has something better—no, grander—in mind, or maybe it just isn’t time yet. Smile

This Christmas, my family and I, we’re celebrating in a different  way, in a way we haven’t done before. We celebrate with bigger faith. With rejoicing. Because our hearts know that God keeps His promise to His people. We know that He is beauty. We know that He is faithful. We know that His promises are true.

I really got so much to tell you. And I’m also excited because I know the Lord will also do for you what me and my family has experienced before the year ends. We just have to hang on wherever situation we’re at because it’s true that the sun always shine in the morning. Rejoicing always comes in the morning.

How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

What are your holiday reflections? What could Jesus be telling you through the season? Smile

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!

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