My 5-Minute Make-up

6:29 AM

I`m the kind of girl who wants to get out of the house right away after I`ve dressed up. And make-up time doesn`t take quite long because I  finish quick—except when I`m in the mood or when I`m going out for an important event. I`m always in the mood these days, btw, so my sisters always tell me to hurry up on most days. haha


Here`s what`s on my kit. I think I have a lot more on my make-up bag but these are what I normally use everyday. I don`t have mascara now. I borrow from my sister Ava. haha

Shiseido Maquillage Sheer Lipsticks

I like sheer lipsticks because they don`t cover your natural lipcolor with a new one but enhances it. Maquillage lipsticks are extra moisturizing and they come in beautiful shades. I have one in pink and in peach.


Mary Kay Blush

They`re matte and looks really neat when you get your eyes defined well.


Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra

I recently bought this because I don`t want to waste my liquid foundation for everyday use, but sad to say, it doesn`t blend with my skin so well.

Clinique Color Surge Eyeshadow

I love this because it`s between shimmer and matte. Not so shiny, not so matte. Just perfect!


Shiseido Flawless Skin Liquid SPF42 PA+++

Totally my favorite! It`s right to be named Flawless Skin Liquid. Spreads smoothly and covers perfectly. You`ll end up looking like a Korean actress with perfect Shiseido skin. haha


Mary Kay Lipstick in Pink Daisy

I love this because it complements my skin well. When I feel lazy defining my eyes, I just put on this lipstick and I`m done.


Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner

This is an affordable but quality product. My sisters and I have this in many different colors!

As a young lady who values her worth, she must also know how to take care of herself right? Of course, as a modesty advocate, I don`t agree in vanity and I believe beauty is not on the outward appearance and make-up should not define a girl. One`s self esteem should be based on her value to God and not on how beautiful her make up is.

I also believe make-up should be used appropriately (right age, right amount, right reasons) and should not be overdone. And I hope that girls, even if they wear make up sometimes, could still go out without make-up on and still be comfortable in themselves. We`re always beautiful as we are!

How about you? What`s on your  everyday make-up kit, ladies?


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  1. like.....i wanna try make up but i am too scare....=]

  2. @EmmaSafa Hi Emma! There are many tutorials on the web that you can try. It`s challenging at first, but you`ll learn to do it well as you go on. You can always try again if you make mistakes.;)

    Thanks for dropping by! ;)

  3. Nice, I am my everyday 5-minutes makeup too. To be more exact I take more than 5 minutes because I am a very slow person. xD Anyway, nice mkaeup kit you have.

  4. @Lim Kai Shin Hi Kai Shin! Thank you! I take more than 5 mins. when I wake up really early and I feel like there`s no need to rush. ;) hehe

    Thanks for dropping by the blog today!

  5. I'm a drug store girl! I use Revlon mostly and maybelline gel eye liner but the one make up must have for me is the balm's bahama mama bronzer! Can't live without it!

  6. @Janessa Hi Janessa! Same as you! You can find "treasures" in drugstores. One would just need to keep an eye on them...and try what works best for you. I love Maybelline mascaras!

    Thanks for the word! ;)

  7. haha! i can't make it with only 5 minutes! Super kupad ko I usually take one hour for my make-up.
    But I realized awhile ago that I don't need to wear heavy make-up before going to church coz it hinders me during worship time. Kahit naiiyak na ko pinipigil ko kasi I think of my make-up. As the bible said beauty should not come from outward but it should be that of your inner self (1 Peter 3:3-5).



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