A Simple Woman`s Daybook 5.1

6:52 AM

Outside my window

Mom`s plants are still. No soft, cool breeze blowing. I guess it`s gonna be a little cloudy today. kyeongeunchoitumblr3

I am thinking…

that I love being awake as the dawn breaks… until the sun finally rises. The cool morning that looks a little foggy brings back sweet memories of grade school days. viacandyphotographs-

I am thankful for...

the sun that shines on my face.

From the kitchen...

a breakfast will be on making in a few minutes. The house is still quiet. The girls and Mom still asleep. Surprisingly, Dad is awake washing clothes since 5am. I wonder what did he dream of last night? ;p

I am wearing...

Viola`s baggy T-shirt (Shhh…) and Mom`s shorts she lent me last night. I borrowed `cause temperature was really high last night and I didn`t have thin, clean summer clothes ready.


found on cafeglamourtumblr
I am creating...

space for rest today. I`ll take it one day at a time.

I am going...

to tuck myself again in bed after I publish this.

I am reading...

posts on Incourage.me



I am hoping...

I`ll pass the scholarship screening… and finish the requirement essay in two weeks.

I am hearing...

birds chirping! Seriously! I `ve never heard them in years! I`m surprised that there are still birds around our house.

Around the house...
Ooops! Messy! The living room is messy `cause everyone was so tired last night, they just dropped their bags and went straight to bed.


One of my favorite things...

is my big flower bangle I got last month.


A few plans for the rest of the week:

Get some time off. Rest during the weekend. Finish my requirement papers and pray.

A picture I`m sharing

That`s me and my sister Ava. I was 3 1/2 and she was 2. Winking smile





Have a beautiful day!


Photo Credits: Seoul Heart, Harajuku-bun,

cafeglamour, candyphotographs-

and kyeongeunchoi on Tumblr.

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