Of Faucets, Flooded Baths and God`s Grace

8:29 PM

I almost forgot to close the faucet in the bathroom tonight. Yikes! I remember the last time I went straight to bed and forgot that I left the water was running in the bath… My Mom and Dad  woke up to find the bathroom floor flooded and a month later, to hold a bigger charge on the water bill.



So tonight, I panicked when I suddenly remembered that I left the faucet on and I ran as quickly as I can to get it.


Sometimes, it`s really annoying to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again—esp. when the mistakes you make are those that can easily be avoided. If only my memory works well with remembering these things! But for a reason I don`t know, I just always, always forget to turn off the faucet in the bath!


I was feeling so bad about myself and thought about giving up. I have no hope in this turning-off-the-faucet problem of mine… Until one day, I experienced Dad`s grace when I left the faucet on overnight.



I never really heard anything from him. Quite unusual. Very much impossible!  Wouldn`t your parents scream at you when they find your house close to being flooded (Ok. I`m exaggerating). But seriously, wouldn`t your parents get mad at you and nag you for a full week if you did what I`ve done?


That`s why today, I was very cautious on closing the faucet and succeeded—even though I almost did make it. And even tonight, he just asked me if I turned it off already and no tone in his voice that I still owe something after what I did the other time.


I couldn`t stand breaking my Dad`s heart after that much grace I received last week. I really wouldn`t want to hear him angry, but more than that, I have no face to show if I won`t even try this time. I don`t deserve his grace. He wouldn`t deserve it if I would abuse the grace He gave last time.



And now, I think my Dad has shown a character of God in what He did. He didn`t nag me or scolded me. He didn`t even condemn me or ask me to pay for the damages I made. He just gave me grace. And because I experienced the fullness of that grace, I was moved not break  his heart and his trust again.


Jesus is like that to us when we make mistakes sometimes, right?


It`s amazing that when we show grace to others, like how my Dad did for me, people see God`s grace in tangible ways and understand a facet of God`s grace as well.


Was there a time when you`ve experienced grace from other people like how I did today? Grace that was so good you can`t help but change and not remain to be the same person you used to be?


Photos via pokeccino and jessica harley on Tumblr

and mochacafe

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