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3:37 PM

I really love sweet and happy blogs. Starting today, I`m gonna share a few of my favorites with you.



One of those on the top of my list is Hoperoad, written by Anna. She`s a 24-year-old mom who had been doing her blog since her college days and now she is a mommy to a two-year old and has another baby along the way!


What`s inspiring about about her blog is the honesty and genuine desire to please the Lord. Anna writes in a way that any young lady can easily relate. She`s young and she`s entering new stages in her life and learning a lot of things she never knew before…and  we all can easily relate to that, right?


Hope Road

I think Anna`s blog is so cool because reading through the transitions in her life, from a university student, to getting married, and having a baby, you can the Lord actively moving in her life and heart. And Anna has opened her eyes to see what God might be teaching to her every season of her life.


Anna`s honesty and dependence on the Lord with whatever comes along moves me and encourages me to trust the Lord more with my own daily life.



1. Anna`s reading links.

2. Anna`s love story.

3. Anna`s thoughts about motherhood and caring for her 2 year-old baby, Christian.


BTW, Since Anna`s pregnant with a new baby,  let`s all pray for her.


Jump over to Anna`s blog now!

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  1. Wow, thank you, Cathy! This is so sweet and encouraging. I'm SO thankful that you're blessed by my random thoughts and musings... thank you for this link and feature!

  2. @AnnaIt's my pleasure, Ana! I was thinking of doing this a long time ago... ;) Continue writing for the Lord's glory. You're touching and encouraging many hearts! Blessings, sister! Praying for you!



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