Sweet List: Girly City Bikes

5:32 PM

beautiful-bike-and-accessoriesI don`t know how to ride a bike. I`ve never ridden a bike without training wheels. The last time I`ve ever made a bike move was a couple of years ago, in a nearby park…which of  course, had a side car.


The last time was memorable `cause it was my first time to actually move around a place on a bike and I had Australian Gospel singer guests with me. So maybe that`s what made me make it move. Eeek! I couldn`t just embarrass myself. hehe


Well, today… I found pretty, pretty Beg bikes via 79ideas. They`re like girly, girly stuff and you would want to wear a skirt if you`re planning to get on a little photoshoot with these things. But don`t ride them in that like how girls do it cartoons and movies no matter how pretty they look. hehe






This is what I`m talking about. haha No matter how cute,

no miniskirts on bikes. haha






I guess, I should try to learn how to bike before summer ends in a few weeks. BTW, we`re going the park to jog tomorrow and for the nicest weekend market. I should go and try, what do you think?


SUMMER GOAL:swallowsun23


Be good in biking…

Get a bike…

and a pretty basket too!





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  1. Love this post.. because i don't know how to ride a bike too.. he he... :-).. HAPPY SUMMER!

  2. @Rose Ragai Haha Feels good that I'm not the only person who doesn't know... ;) Thanks, Rose! haha

  3. @Cathy Canaceli People say You are Not Alone... yep... u r not.. he he he



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