Videos of The Week 5.1

2:17 PM

I`m laughing at myself now. My blog looks like it turned into a wedding blog in just a day.


But will you forgive me and let me pass this time? This flipbook is SOOOOO cute.


Well, you can use it for birthdays, your Mom`s birthday, or on Father`s day (hehe Lame excuse!)


FLIPBOOK SAVE THE DATE from Chris Nagle on Vimeo.


But I got another one for you. Since it`s close to Father`s day and my Dad`s birthday is next week…


Igniter Media-I`ll Need You Dad


Share it with your Dad and say it loud with me…

I love you, Pop! Winking smile

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  1. Okay that last video made me cry- especially when the last cutie pie little girl said.."to lead me to Christ when no one else will"- sniff sniff!! I've gotta post this on my hubby's FB wall!

  2. @Anjuli Hi Anjuli! It's really touching, isn't it? Even though I'm grown up now, I still feel strongly that I need my Dad. ;)

    Thanks for dropping by!



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