Weekend Update

9:26 PM

Whoa! I haven`t been posting on my blog so much these days. It has really been a cool week. I feel rested and I get to have much sleep most days.


I think it`s really in the time in between when you notice the beautiful things around you much easily, the little comforts you normally don`t take notice of but which if would be taken away would mean a lot to you.


Today was a normal day. Everyone was up for breakfast early and we fed on the left overs from Papa`s birthday celebration last night. Isn`t it great to have good food in the morning without doing all the intense cooking? We`ve got Chinese stir-fried noodles, spaghetti, black forest cake and a lot more. It was fun. Mom was laughing and singing over breakfast. We were teasing her that maybe the chocolate made her hyperactive. We had a warm, thoughtful breakfast even though it was raining quite hard.



And the rain…. The rain was good too! It was not the melancholic type of rain that makes you think of the past and what could have been. The sky was cloudy but it is bright and not gloomy. It was really a great morning afterall.


In church today, everyone had a good laugh. We laughed over snacks and talked about everything we could think of. The teasing of course, was there, and the boys looked funny when they get into the hotseat. We`ve got adorable young boys and girls who are funny and charming too.


On our way home, I wasn`t feeling melancholic but I can`t help but notice the cool wind as we rode that old, countryside-kind-of-bus. It took us some time to get a ride because of the rush hour but this old bus with ruffled curtains passed by. It feels very 90`s and I had a great time.


And dinner was fabulous. The roasted chicken tasted so good and I was savoring my part. I`ve never really enjoyed and savored food this way. I`m thankful I have a sense of taste. ;)



I wonder if all these realizations easily came to me because I`m in The Time In Between… Maybe.. just maybe…


God uses the time in between so you could notice how He smiles at you everyday… How He takes care of you… How He even feeds you.


I love having a God who opens my eyes to see the beautiful things of everyday. I love being loved by God everyday. ;)


PS. Have you my previous post called Beauty Queen? I really hope I didn`t offend anyone, my dearest girl friends. I came from a stressful, disheartening night where almost every girl I saw was “sensual and sexy and daring” and it was really emotional for me. My heart was so grieved. Still, I hope every single girls esp. Christian ladies would take a stand on this issue of modesty and become a godly example to all other ladies of our generation and the next.


Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this sis! :) It made me miss my family back home more (^^) reminded me of how we bond and have fun whenever we're together. You're blessed! xxx

  2. @Monique Edelle They sure miss you back home as well! Come back soon, sis! ;) Until then, think about all the beautiful memories and make more when you come back! Blesssings sweet sis!



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