10 Things Mom Will Love

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It`s Mother`s day in few days. Do you have anything coming yet?


My Mom really loves treats. She likes chocolates and lipsticks…and clothes…and flowering plants. I`m thinking of finding a few of those brands she likes… She`s very much craving for dark chocolates these days so I might get her some.


But more than the treats she would like for mother`s day, I`m wondering if there`s anything else.


Aside from this cute class pumpkin thing she would probably love.


My sisters and I have been reading Tommy Tenney`s Finding Favor with the King several times during the year and I guess it had sank to me that to please the King, you must put his desires first—esp. when you want to give him a gift.


viastrawberriesand champagne


I guess that applies to our Moms, too, on Mother`s day. Instead of getting something we would like to give them, why not give them something they would actually want to receive.


And so today, we`ve still got 3 days to spy about the 10 things she would love on Mother`s day (it`s good to have choices `cause she might put a car on number one and you can only afford the massage on number 2).hehe


Here are some ways to find out Mom`s top 10.


1. Ask her to come with you to the mall when you`re buying something for yourself, and look to which directions she would go. Notice what stuff she would pick up and ask if she likes them. Moms sometimes don`t say it but she might actually love something she picks or tries on.


2. Stay at home for one day and engage her into a conversation about fashion, recipes, and interior design. She will definitely mention something she really likes.


3. Ask your dad, your brothers and sisters and her friends about where she probably would want to go or what she would want to do over the weekend.


4. Try to remember her favorites. Favorite book. Favorite spa. Favorite color.


Ms. Pearl on Flickr

5. Make her answer the 5 Languages of Love Test `cause her love language might not be gifts or treats, but actually service, or words or touch. If that`s the case, offer to give her a massage for a week or take over her household chores. Write her a card, make her a video or hug her tightly on mother`s day for an hour. Winking smile


Maybe that`s what I`m gonna do tonight first. I want to find out her love language and it`s gonna be great and easy to know how to make her happy, not just on Mother`s day but all the days after that.


Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there!



Photo credits: Ms. Pearl on Flickr

and via strawberriesandchampagne and yinniemouse

and marthastewart.com

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