A Simple Woman`s Daybook 5.10.11

2:47 AM



Outside My Window...

It`s 2am. I`m afraid to look outside. haha Last night, it was raining and the ground is wet, the plants look hydrated and healthy like ladies when they get a good night sleep. It`s really like June now. Oh, it started to rain so hard again!

I am thinking

about going to be after this to get my own beauty rest. 

I am thankful for

Dreams and very encouraging parents and sisters. They push me well and hard, I`m going for my secret dreams now!

From the kitchen

is Bicol Express. For my foreign readers, it`s a dish made with pork  and coconut milk with lots and lots of chili peppers. It`s known for being extremely spicy. Bicol is a region in the Philippines known for extremely spicy dishes.


I am wearing

a white T-shirt with a big yellow summer flower print. Summery!


I am creating

Hmmm… dreams…and memories! Winking smile 


I am going

to become a Hallyu star. Kidding. I was watching a documentary on TV about Hallyu late last night.  Seriously, I`m going to write my admission paper and finish up this week.

I am reading

Kuya Kevin`s Basta Love Life, a book about purity, love and relationships.

On my mind

are dreams, hope and expectation.


Around the house

Everyone`s tucked away in bed. It`s really cool tonight, with this storm over Manila and the nearby provinces.


One of my favorite things

is my Matcha (green tea) chocolate boxes. They cheer me up everytime I pass by the kitchen racks.


A few plans for the rest of the week…

Finish a good admission paper. That`s all I`m thinking about this week.


A picture I`m sharing today



   Some of the books I`m trying to arrange beautifully and orderly on the kitchen shelf.


That`s the back layer.


We really don`t have enough space for books now so we`re keeping them in double layers.

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