Mother`s Day Weekend: 1,000 Gifts

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I had a fascinating week and Mother`s Day was awesome! I mean, not yet for me…but I`m happy for my Mom and I`m happy for her life and how God has used her in the lives of people around her—and that includes me.


9119_1203003310112_1079484707_30645376_1693395_nMy Mom is really a gracious lady…and it`s unbelievably cute and amazing how she turns from a caring, loving mother into a strict, scary disciplinarian when the opportunity requires her to. How can you expect  a Mom to be always gentle and quiet raising up a noisy, controlling kid like me. She must`ve have had a hard time… I guess, even now.



So i`m really thankful to the Lord for my Mom. I could say all the beautiful words but that would never be enough to describe her. Beautiful. Lovely. Sweet. Caring. Kind. Always concerned about me. Always loving and forgiving towards this stubborn child.




I could never have a better Mom.

And her love? A Mother`s love? Do you think there are words to describe their love? How can you exactly describe a love that covers, floods, fills, swells up and brightens your heart [with love] all at the same time? Fantastic. Fascinating. Compelling. Heartwarming. None of them would be enough.


I wonder what have I done to deserve such  love, such a Mom. There`s really nothing I can do to deserve it. Nothing we can do to merit such love from our mommies.  God really loves us so much doesn`t He?


How The Weekend Went

Saturday night was busy in our house because we were preparing for the Mother`s presentation in church. I was busy making cards until midnight and I was a little sad because Mama has seen everything we were doing and she won`t be surprised on Sunday.


But Sunday was awesome and has been filled with  love and tears.


My sister Viola talking  in church about our Mom and how she loves us.

Look at her face (Viola`s) haha


My sister Ava turning her back from the crowd because she couldn`t start reading the letter because of the tears!


Trying their best to hide the emotions.


Ava kissing Mama.IMG_0144

Oh, the tears! Ava walking off the stage crying.


Mommy Stories

Here are the photos of the moments with more Moms in church:


Viola and the band carrying out love songs for the Mommies.


Xavier (the shy tween) leaning over his grandma

after reading his letter.


Chochie`s Mom is trying his best not to cry!

IMG_0090Sam was the most emotional and made the whole church weep with her message. I saw her mom, after they went off the stage, covering her face weeping on her seat. It was tear-jerking!


Pastor Lita`s child wasn`t in church so Viola gave her message to our loving associate pastor.


Nanay (Mother) Nellie who`s raising up a lot of grandchildren even in her old age.


That`s Sis. Ellen, one of our worship leaders who is now undergoing dialysis. Her children are working abroad and her daughter-in-law (newly wed with her son) was left with them just last week. My heart was stirred when Ate Cherry wept like she was a daughter that Sis. Ellen also gave birth to. It was love. Real love.



Ashley, the youngest who spoke that day. The letter in her words me and Ava cry. It was so real, from a heart of a child. She even said sorry for her being naughty. So sweet!

IMG_0161Irish giving her message to her Mom and her Nanay Tess. His brothers are also crying back stage. Everyone was crying.



And for the mommies whose children weren`t there, the church show their love just the same.




1,000 Gifts

154. Thank you, Lord for my Mom who`s so amazing. Thank you for the hands that embrace me, the heart that loves and forgives me unconditionally and unendingly.  Thank you for my Mom Nel. My life is valuable because you gave me to her.


155. For all the Moms in church who loves us too.


156. For a happy, lovely Mother`s day in church last Sunday.


157. For the opportunity to teach my Mom how to browse through the net. Computer sessions last night. hehe I would teach her how to edit videos soon!


158. For my Dad and my Mom who`s encouraging and building me up my confidence as I work on my scholarship application.


159. For an awesome bonding time with my sisters on Sunday night. We slept at 3am joking and teasing around.


160. For a very cool weather today `cause it`s raining. The atmosphere at home is also filled with love.


161. My cousin Andrew`s dedication on Saturday. My sisters and I will be sponsors. (Filipino culture 101: There are godmothers when children are dedicated to the Lord. That is a must. The more the better. haha)

Photo credits: DressDesignDecor

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