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9:27 PM

For Today

Outside my window

It’s dark outside!  I was surprised ‘cause I just woke up and thought it’s Monday morning already. But it’s Saturday afternoon. haha I slept at around 8am this morning because we got home from Laguna at 7am. Still groggy!


asian fashion

I am thinking

of everything that has happened last night on our way home. Our tire got flat twice! Poor driver! But God has protected us. We were not on a busy street or on the express way when it happened.




I am thankful for

protection, and family and nice bonding time with my friends from church last night. I saw Oliver, too, after many months! He’s grow so much now and he still remembers me!


From the learning rooms

I’m badly missing my Korean lessons! I’m many lessons late. I hope I can study this week! But I’ve learned how to make GIFs. lol  I wonder why I haven’t learned this before.


{I made a lot of blinkies the day I learned this. My sisters would laugh at me if  they see all the blinky icons on my desktop.}



From the kitchen

Papa went to the supermarket while I was asleep and came home with ingredients for Nilaga.


I am creating

To tell you honestly, I’m not in “creating mode” today. Still have this little headache and pillows are calling me!


I am reading

on Incourage. Tomorrow’s the day! My post will be up on the site. So excited!



I am hoping

to finish everything that needs to get done tonight. Need to send messages to Jessica for Kids Church and also to Sam for Multimedia. Busy girl eh?


I am hearing

TV. Papa is watching  a game show. I haven’t seen this before. Must be a new show.


Around the house

Ava is cleaning and Viola is preparing to sleep. She wasn’t with us last night and just got home. She was on a conference hosted by the Phil. Council of Evangelical Churches.



One of my favorite things

Travelling with friends and stop-overs. When our tire got flat twice, we were able to talk more and take pictures under a tree…and the second time it happened, we had coffee in a nearby friend’s house. So fun! But I feel so sorry for the driver and his friends!


A few plans for the rest of the week

Go to the bank again {Verifying my account is taking longer than I expected}, fill up my school application papers, send my CV, and pray about making greeting cards (An opportunity opened for me to design greeting cards for a company but I’m not sure if this is what God wants me to do.)


Here is a picture thought I am sharingIMG_0055

I lay down under a tree last night, while the tire was getting fixed. So tired. I used my backpack as pillow. That’s my view while lying down. The streetlight was so bright!



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  1. Love this post.. :-)..
    Have a great weekend!

  2. @Rose Ragai Hi Rose! Thank you! Have a great weekend too! ;) Enjoy!



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