Of Summer Rain, Laundry and Miracles

3:38 PM

Aaaaack! It`s so hot in Manila today. It`s 31°C but the RealFeel®  is 42°. No wonder I`ve been having a headache since I woke up this morning. Not complaining though. Just saying…



But sometimes, I feel really bothered about this whole climate change thing. It has never been this hot in this part of the world—until the past couple of  years. Like at this time,  it`s supposed to be rainy season in the Philippines but it rarely even rains and feels very much like summer. Even hotter than summer. 42 Degrees? I mean, that feels like you`re in the Middle East!


Praying that it rains today. Even just like summer rain and not the rainforest kind of rain I`m really missing. Rain is rain!


But you know, I guess even if it doesn`t, there`s more reason to rejoice. This weather equals a bucket of ice cream and playing with water! Yeeee! Washing clothes in this kind of weather is coolest thing. I love playing with bubbles and water…and the scent of freshly washed clothes hanging by the clothesline…refreshing!


So I will be heading out to the laundry area to find something to wash. My Mom would be surprised!


Anyway, I had a miracle this week. On my way to the bank last Monday, something got into my eye and it was really painful. A couple of days later, I got swelling on my eyelid (maybe it got scratched from the inside). I was planning to see a doctor if the swelling would not subside but this morning, it`s almost gone and as of the moment, I`m feeling a lot better. Thank God. It was just a bit frightening `cause it became painful to even blink. But God heals!


How about you? How have you been this week? Any testimonies?

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