Summer Recipes: Yummy Ice Pops and Flavored Ice Cubes

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I used to love munching on ice cubes. Aaah! But CNBlue`s Yonghwa Oppa also does that… Excuses! haha {I can`t believe I just wrote “oppa” like a Korean highschool fan girl!} Anyone of you who also loves ice cubes, or am I just too weird? But with this summer heat in what`s supposed to be rainy day June, one just can`t help but find anything cold to eat—or munch on.


Flavored Ice cubes  are soft when you come up with a really creamy mixture or even just with fruit juice. Y-U-M-M-Y! I love that! {But I love it even when it`s just plain water.} And ice pops? Need not to say, they make me smile all the time!


I found these cute recipes I`m gonna try this week. Also perfect for you, my lovely friends who`s enjoying summer in your hometowns halfway around the globe.


Happy Summer!


Ice pops




Fruit Salad Ice Pop


Worm ICe2



PS. You can also make flavored coffee ice cubes out of coffee, tea or any  fruit juice… I like milk ice cubes in chocolate and tea. Or chocolate cubes in milk! I`ve also seen a recipe using canned fruit salad frozen into cubes and dropped in refreshing fruit juices! Mmmmm….

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