Crystal Jewels: 1,000 Gifts

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twinkle-8Everyday, when we wake up God splashes color and goodness around us. But we seldom get to notice. How many of us stop for a while to enjoy the sunshine? To feel the cool breeze that blows on our face, surprisingly, on a summer morning? To watch carefully as rain pour down from the sky and into the leaves and petals of the flowers that grow outside our windows…and to notice that these are jewels after all—crystal jewels that are not rare but priceless!


171. For new baby cousins!  We`ve got two new addition to the family, and they`re both under age one! Adorable, cutie babies!1000 Gifts3


Patrick copy


172. The good health of my family. Everyone`s healthy and feeling good.


173. A bunch of really good Christian friends! I don`t know what to do without them!



174. New opportunities to study! I`m considering taking a certificate course from a good university. Starting to get business-minded!


175. Star, our puppy. She really makes my heart cheer up all the time. She follows me around and she`s always excited to see me even if I`m not her boss. :p


176. My recent visits to the bank had been awesome. People were kind my transactions were very convenient {there weren`t so many people so I didn`t have to cue up} and the staff was very friendly.


177. Sleep. My body clock`s back to normal now! That`s really amazing. I don`t feel drowsy in the day and I sleep like a log at night.


178. The Beautiful Rain. Weather`s been really good in Manila since the last week of June and it`s really cool now. Maybe that`s why I also feel a lot better and sleep better—even in daytime!


179. Chicken. haha We have a supply of gourmet roasted chicken every week!

180. Grace. I`ve made a lot of mistakes and silly decisions over the week and God has been graciously forgiving and restoring. I really don`t deserve such grace and forgiveness.


181. Love. I`m feeling love around me. That`s more than enough reason to say Thank You to the author of love Himself.


182. For memories. They make life even more beautiful.


183. For Sis. Ellen being already in heaven today. I know she`s happy and enjoying Jesus` company. Her tears have been wiped away and she is pain-free.


This week has been really beautiful. Inspite of our loss. Sis. Ellen, one of our church leaders already went to be with the Lord after struggling with diabetes and kidney failure for half a year. She was so beautiful and my memories of her are also full of beauty and strength. She was one of our worship leaders and she loved the Lord so much. One of her  words I would never forget: “I am sick and yet I will never stop praising the Lord.” I smile at the thought that she is already praising the Lord in person. She was just so in love with Jesus.



My crystal jewels, the precious gifts God has showered and is showering on me are these people in my life who strengthens my faith and puts a big smile in my heart.


Someday, I want to inspire the lives of others like how others have inspired mine.



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  1. You're already inspiring our hearts Cathy. God bless you more sis. Hope to see you when we come back home. Please send my warmest hugs and kisses to your sisters too.. Missing you loads. <3<3<3

  2. @Monique Edelle Aaaw! Thank you, Monique! Yeah, see you when you get here! You must come home soon and come back often. lol Wish we can have time to talk over coffee. Hugs to you and your lovely baby! ;) Love, love!

  3. Joining you from Ann's place. I enjoyed reading your sweet list. I especially like 172 and 173. Thanks for sharing. Cute pictures.

  4. found you at ann's - so glad I did. What a lovely reflection on everyday beauty -- that which so often goes unnoticed! {I'm married to a Filipino, born in Manila :) almost 20 years)

  5. @Alyssa Hi Alyssa! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving sweet comment!

    Wow! That's so great to hear. I live in a city beside Manila, but still part of Metro Manila. (Metro Manila is the national capital region made up of a few cities).

    Have you been here before?

    It's so nice to "meet" you!

  6. @Deborah Hi Deborah! Thank you! I dropped by your blog today and I so love your pictures! You grandkids are so lovely! Blessings, sister!



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