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7:14 AM

Sometimes, I browse through my archives and I can`t help but feel so blessed {and funny!} keeping a lot of wacky pics taken with my laptop`s webcam during those pre-DSLR days. I miss those times. People don`t pose in front of their computers nowadays when they`re bored, do they?


Looking back, I think I`ve really enjoyed my webcam to the fullest. I spent my 21st year taking a lot of fun moments with friends! I really don`t remember having boring times back then. Could it be because we took  a little too much photograph?


Whoa! Although that was two years ago, it feels very yesterday!


Webcam Photos


We had more than 200 taken on this day alone!

Webcam photos 2



Webcam photos 3

I just couldn`t believe it!


Webcam Photos4c


Webcam Photos 6


I actually have more {the real wacky pics} but I`m afraid to upload them because I might lose my best buds. They`d hate me for it! lol


Actually, four of them are on their way to become pastors now. Two are worship leaders.  One is a missionary. While the rest are being used by the Lord mightily in different ministries. I`m a proud friend!


When I look at these photos, I can`t help but really be amazed where the Lord has brought us now. We were once wacky kids taking a lot of photographs after youth service and every time we get the chance! God is really amazing, so choose to serve Him! He brings you to places you`ve never imagined! And everyday He makes you more and more like Him!


Anyway, do you happen to keep photos like these in your computer? How do they look like? Winking smile I wish I can see too! If you would upload, please leave me a link!

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