A Simple Woman’s Daybook: A Day in March

4:57 PM


Outside my window...

It’s drizzling outside and the sparrows are flying around, maybe looking for a place to find shelter. Feels cool and calming. I hear the birds chirping. Pretty afternoon. ;)

I am thinking...

how nice it would be to walk under the rain, with an umbrella. It’s summer here so cool rain is something to cherish! *wink*


I am thankful...

that the meeting tonight was cancelled. I was rushing to finish some paperwork but I can slow down now since the meeting might be moved till next week.


In the kitchen...

Green beans and beef. My favorite! ;) But I’m craving for ice cream. It’s a little warm even though it’s raining. A little cool too. I don’t understand! haha

I am wearing...

Orange flowery shorts. Summery around the house! LOL

I am creating...

Tshirt designs and brochures. Summer camp is also one month away so I’ll also be making camp promo materials and the program too!



I am going...

to take a short nap later when I post this. Lazy afternoon because of the rain!

I am wondering...

why lately I’m loving old songs. Well, not really “old” but songs that were popular a few years back, like Brooke Fraser’s “Faithful”, Lenny LeBlanc’s. I haven’t been hearing new songs that speak to my heart these days.


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