Goodbye June, Welcome July!

3:24 AM

Aaaahk! Sorry for the recent blog silence! This week`s been pretty much cool and busy. But I`ve got good news! My sister Ava won the contest and landed on the top 3 spot. She went home with a crown.



My youngest sister was very funny `cause she couldn`t accept Ava not being in the top spot. After all, Ava`s the only one who answered the question while the others failed. Viola was searching for justice and the night after the contest, she was joking of not being able to sleep. ;)


But anyhow, we saw God`s hand in that and I`m proud of my sis because I know she knows her worth and she wasn`t in there to compete at all. Viola was really so funny, `cause she was reminding her older sister even on stage of the reason why she was there. Viola was screaming “Glory” and no one, except the 3 of us girls, understood what it meant.


I laughed so much the entire night.



Anyway, it`s Friday and here are the linkies! Beautiful, beautiful reads!


Thank you for still being there in spite of the silence!


Bloom Where You`re Planted by Lisa

The Power of Forgiveness by Jennifer

Why Hard Questions Are Good For God-Sized Dreams by Bonnie

No Person He Won`t Touch (Next Door Savior Excerpt) by Max Lucado

Grace Windows: Hope and Healing for the Forsaken by Stacy


PS. Oh, dear! It`s already July here in the Philippines! I can`t believe time flies quickly! I`m halfway through my planner! I`ll let you into a little peak sometime this week! My journal and planner keeps a lot of stories about God`s goodness!


Goodbye June! Welcome July!


Photo Credits: Baby Green Tea

and FairyCastle on Tumblr.

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