Summer Is Here!

1:52 AM

It`s March! Summer is officially here in the Philippines! I`m so excited to think about summer camp, beaches, and ice candy! Winking smileNow I have reason to eat every single kind of ice cream I want to! (The last time my sister Ava and I went to the convenience store, she stopped me from getting myself a sundae `cause she said it`s cold…)



Well, now time to think about sun, water and lots and lots of fun! I couldn`t wait to see where we will be going out on April or May. I hope it wouldn`t rain early and that it wouldn`t get so hot too…thus, the migraine! Anyway, I got myself my first pair of eyeglasses but I`m not sure if that would help stop migraine attacks during the summer. Let`s pray! I really want to enjoy the sun this time…



Anyway, it`s summer time but I was thinking of posting topics about love. That wouldn`t be bad at all, whachathink? I was thinking that since we always talk about love in February, why not put it into practice the month after? Starting spreading and putting love into practice after all the lessons and sermons we`ve read for one whole month? (Would that pass as an excuse for not publishing my drafts about love last month? haha)


I actually left a draft unpublished and would publish it now…but I suddenly thought about many things related to it as well. Let`s make a series. Would you join me for the ride? Winking smile 


I hope you`re having a really, really fun time as well! Please let me know how you`re doing. I would also love to hear from you, guys!




UPDATE: It actually doesn`t feel summery again. The weather`s been hot a couple of weeks ago but it`s cool  again! Thank you, Lord! I honestly like it more like this!

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