Warm Spring Colors

Posted on March 25, 2011 by Cathy in ,
Wow! Really? These  were styled by a guy?!! I thought these were like from Martha Stewart or Donna Hay, but they were actually done by Peter Fehrentz, a designer from Hamburg.
I`m really impressed. Men can really do good in doing some things we only associate with ladies—and do them well, actually. Did I mention I am also so impressed with Ed Kimber, author of the blog The Boy Who Bakes who won the British Grand Bake Off (last year, if I`m not mistaken). I mean, wow!PETER 1


Very lovely, aren`t they?

Photos from Peter Fehrentz


Single Unsingle said...[Reply to comment]

I loooooove how they look.

N the grey look surprisingly awesome boarderline classy :)

Did i mention that I found u thru 20sb?

newest stalker/follower of your blog :)))

Follow me too?



PS: I'm the gold follower icon

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Single Unsingle I could spend some time just staring at them! I love the colors!

You found me through 20sb? That was cool! I`m actually new there... Will drop by the site tonight to see how it actually works. ;)

I`ll check out your blog, sis! ;) Blessings!

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