My Heart Can Rest: A Faith Barista Jam

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I went outside this afternoon to look at the clouds. Our backyard looks much greener now. Summer has come really fast this year. The purple haze and thick, green mango trees…they were sweet surprises to me today. Surprises because I didn`t realize they were already there and now they warmed my heart. Surprises because they brought me to tears just now.




Oh, how I love spending time with my Father. In the midst of all He has made. How I miss lying on the grass, listening to the music He whispers to my heart. In the middle of all the majesty and beauty of the things He created, I feel secure and warm. I feel His arms wrapped around me. I feel Him so close, so near me.


The clouds and the leaves and the wind…they show me who I am in my Father`s eyes. They remind me that as insignificant as I seem (in my eyes sometimes), I am always, always valued by Him.



Yes, the God who made all these marvelous things would care and love me… and believe that I am worth saving.


Knowing that, my heart finds rest.


My heart had always been fond of staring at endless rice fields. I now understand why. Why I long for camping out in the mountains… Why I look at the stars and my heart feels warm.  Now I know why I had always loved sitting beneath the trees every single time I feel alone and miss my Lord.


It is in nature… In adventure… In the quietness of creation. In feeling the wind on my cheeks and the dust beneath my feet--it is there where I find rest and comfort for my soul. It is where I feel His presence the most.


It is in nature that I find Him, my King, singing to me.


In the midst of all the beautiful things God has made, it there where I clearly remember my worth and see before my eyes that my God is big and His love is so immeasurable.


28-30When life is heavy and hard to take,
   go off by yourself. Enter the silence.
Bow in prayer. Don't ask questions:
   Wait for hope to appear.
Don't run from trouble. Take it full-face.
   The "worst" is never the worst.

31-33Why? Because the Master won't ever
   walk out and fail to return…

Lamentations 3:28-31



Katie said...[Reply to comment]

Oh this spoke to my heart of where and how to find rest. Thank you.

Sheryl said...[Reply to comment]

Nature does have a way of providing the rests in the music of life, doesn't it? For me, it's the beach.

Bonnie Gray said...[Reply to comment]

I feel the same. I can stare at a field or a mountain for the longest time and I'll not even know time has passed. I spent a lot of time just being out in nature and I have never felt it was time wasted. I enjoyed going with you on your nature "walk" here in this post. Cathy - your writing is so lyrical and encouraging!

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Katie Hi Katie! You know, I live in the Philippines and I`m surrounded with great beaches and eco parks... but I rarely go out and enjoy them. I guess, I must give time for rest like this now. ;) Glad it also spoke to you. Blessings!

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Sheryl Yes, it does! I guess, God really designed it that way, didn`t He? I love the beach too! You should come to the Philippines someday and see the beaches here! Lovely!

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Bonnie Gray Hi Bonnie! Thank you!!! We should go on nature trips often now... ;)

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