I Just Want To LIVE My Life

4:31 PM

I`d been away for a full week—again—and it feels it`s been so long. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I hadn`t been feeling so well and so took the time the rest. No work. No online activity. Just at home sleeping and enjoying my days.



It`s really been a good week! I had no connection with the `outside world` but enjoyed soooo much! Thank God my fever went away faster than I expected. And although I had terrible tummy aches for the past two days, I feel so blessed because my Dad got up from bed the other night (at midnight!) just to pray for me, and that was just cool! Really had a great time with my family. God made me to rest so I can see the really things that matter after all.


It feels good that I can still spend time with my younger sisters and my Mom.  Just like how we used to. My sister Ava and I got a really good time talking about everything. Our Mom often caught us laughing at 2am! And last night, Viola, Mom and I talked about things that made me cry.



And I`m so much loving what I have in life now. Even if people don`t seem to understand. Even if my friends feel quite concerned about me not being so career-driven. I used to be so much concerned about my future and my future alone. But God had taught me that having a good career is worthless if that`s the only thing you pursue and you`re not really living your life. I cannot live the same way I used to—setting huge goals for myself and focusing my eyes on it alone while missing my fellowship with the Lord and with my family and friends. I don`t want to live like how the rest of the world does. I don`t want to live in an endless pursuit for position, money and fame. I`ve been there and I don`t want it anymore. What I want is to enjoy my walk with the Lord first of all, my family second, my ministry and then my career. I just want to live a quiet and simple life. I want to be happy from deep within and not set my happiness on what I can achieve in the world.



At the end of the day, I wouldn`t be regretful about anything. And everything would have meaning. I haven`t wasted my life at all.

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  1. Hi Catthy,

    Nice to see you back yup , its nice to be urself and exploring the happiness ..good you took some off from the internet connected networks of network.

    Good to hear you enjoyed it to its fullest.
    Mine too was great weekend. though you have full week .. ;) ..

    take care.
    keep smiling.

  2. @Vivek Chamoli Thank you, Vivek! Good to hear you had a great weekend as well! Blessings to you this coming week and the days to come!



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