My Weekly Reading List 3.1

3:26 AM

I haven`t posted my reading links for a couple of weeks now. Haven`t been reading so much the past two weeks and because this weekend I was reading a lot of news. But I`m posting the ones I`ve read tonight. I hope you enjoy!


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I`m so amazed to find myself reading a lot of Mommy blogs lately. At first, I felt sad that there are a few singles writing blogs these days. But I`m learning a lot from the mommies and they`ve inspired me so much I want to become like them someday. ;) You would also be amazed to find a lot Christian moms writing very good blogs and they`re all over the web! Inspiring people, doing crafts and raising kids… as if they`re all easy tasks to do…


But then again, All things are possible with the Lord. ;)


1. See The Amazing Amidst The Piles by Jessica Turner

2. Do You Love Yourself by Andrea Lucado

3. Does Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

4. Language Switching Can Be Good by Corey in Mulitilingual Living

5. Love and Good Intentions by Kuya Kevin

6. Japan and God`s Goodness by Anna


PS. Please let us not forget to keep the Japanese people in our prayers.




Photo via daisies22 on Tumblr.

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