10 Things To Love About Family Reunions

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We still have children, aunties and a baby sleeping over in the house tonight. Last week`s grand family reunion has been extended even today and I guess until the end of the month when my Aunts would go back to their hometowns.


It really feels good to have a big family. I posted on my Facebook status last time that we discovered  during the reunion that my Grandma on my Mom`s side had 15 siblings ( 2 pairs were twins). And it`s really amazing. I really want to find all of our relatives and know them all. Manila is not really a big place and I might be bumping into a relative and still don`t have any idea…


This whole week had been noisy, and busy, heartwarming and fun! Kids running everywhere and everyone chatting with another… I love these scenes. I love the stories that I hear. Btw, my aunts had been telling their love stories. Ava and I are doing interviews one by one and you would go crazy when you start to hear them laughing loudly and telling their past. It all seems fresh in their minds.


Well, here are the things I love about our grand family reunion. You might also want to get to plan yours soon. You really wouldn`t want to miss a single moment…


Aaaaw! My heart feels so warm. I love the whole family getting together!


tumblr_ktx9va02zT1qaox1bo1_500_large1. Family reunions is where you find all the good food!

2. You discover stories and secrets you`ve never heard before.


3. You come thinking you know everybody only to find out you haven`t met everybody just yet. 


4. People are asking you who`s child are you.



5. Family reunions makes you talk endlessly for 48 hours.


6. Family reunions teaches you patience.

7. Everyone blurting out “Look,he/she has grown so much!".


8. Hugs, kisses, and new Facebook friends. haha


9. Family reunions opens rooms in your heart…for you to love more.

There are more people to love, more people to share God`s love with. I love that I have a big, big family. I love it because the more I people I let into my heart, the bigger my capacity to love becomes.



10. Family reunions make you humble. You see the good stories… but there would always be some bad apples to the family history. I`ve learned to accept the hard truths, the painful stories that would normally make people feel ashamed. Every single thing is a part of who I am and I believe that in these stories, God really shows His grace the best. Well, Jesus family history wasn`t perfect too. And I take comfort that He has experienced and known it all.


You, what do you love about family gatherings?

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  1. maraming ding iyakan sa family reunions hahahah



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