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12:49 AM

I`ve been reading much around the blogosphere since summer began. The thing is, there are so much I`ve found to inspire me. Sometimes, these “inspiring” blogs get so inspiring, I feel extremely intimidated to write. Oh, I really end up discouraged and beaten down.




If you`re a blogger and if you`re new to this thing, you`ll find all these blogging tips and blogging strategies everywhere. SEOs, monetizing, traffic tips… You find them, follow them faithfully, and still end up far from those who just excel in all these things. For a while, all these technical stuff could get you sidetracked from making good content and you might even end up forgetting why you`re blogging after all.

And I guess, that`s a bit of what happened to me the past couple of days. I was so intimidated with traffic and Page Rank and I forgot why I am blogging after all.



And since it`s Easter, I guess it`s time to remind myself and wake up…


Because the reason why I blog is because I want to share my heart. I want to share what God has done.  I want to make Jesus famous. Doesn`t matter if I`m last in the rankings. Doesn`t matter if I get few page views a day. What matters is I serve my purpose for the Kingdom. Winking smile Right?



So forget about Page Ranks and and SEOs. I will blog everyday to give glory to my King.


You, why do you blog?


PS. And I`ll enjoy just being myself and be pressured to become like the other star bloggers. haha After all, it`s the only way I could start writing from my heart again.



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and inspires on Tumblr.}

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