Simple Days: A Photo Journal

9:47 PM

I was supposed to make a photo journal about summer and how God has used it fill me with joy this month, but my memory card got broken last night! Ouch! All of the photos taken—including our grand reunion photos were corrupted and I was so heartbroken. I don`t have any photos to post.


But that wouldn`t stop God`s children from recalling every good thing and every joyful memory and bringing Him praise, right? And now that I don`t have photo-proofs of those memories anymore, I must recall them over and over so I would not forget Jesus` goodness.


Anyway, today, instead of a lengthy and more colorful photo journal I wished to make like the one I did the other week, let me share with you the joys I find in ordinary, simple days. Some are more than a month old, but they bring joy to my heart even now…just the same.


It`s heartwarming to realize that even these are as joyful as celebration days because Jesus is always present!


Have a joyful weekend!


Eating Out at Midnight


{A weekend at a Seafood restaurant downtown Manila. With Dad`s pastor friends from Japan…}


Cool Summer Treats


Fruit mix! These are bananas, beans, gelatin and tropical fruits plus lots and lots of milk!


My Baby Dog


Photoshoot with the family puppy, Star.

Look at how she posed seriously for the camera!

She, and the older dog, Twinkle are like babies,

cheering up the house.


Peach Tea


Steeping peach tea on a weekday morning.

I love it!


Kindest Papa


   That`s my dad, waiting for my youngest sister Viola as she arrives from Cambodia. Touched that he`s thoughtfully fetching us even now that we`re big ladies. haha



Pretty Gifts


An inventory of lipsticks I got as gifts! I haven`t bough lipsticks in a year and still got a lot of them.


Youth Bible Study

IMG_0123Some of the young people in church, reading through the Scriptures about the armor of God. Later, they made super hero moves for every

part of the armor! So fun!


No More Heavy TrafficIMG_0046

Seriously, I`ve never been stuck in Manila`s heavy traffic in months. Isn`t that enough blessing itself? hehe



My favorite outdoor game during summer.



Wow! Look! I`ve showed you more photos than I expected I could. There`s always so much things to be joyful about so I won`t be sad anymore about losing other photos on my memory card.


Anyway, God can make miracles and I`m still hoping.

Anyone of you knows how to restore a corrupted SD? Winking smile 


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  1. Love your post about what brings you joy! God is good to reveal to us His gift of grace even in everyday things, isn't He?

    I also love your note about periwinkle. It was the color my daughter chose for her wedding, and I always thought it was a simple, pure color. Beautiful!

    From a fellow Faith Barista follower.

  2. @Vicki Hi Vicki! Thank you for dropping by. Yeah, it`s nice to realize that God has always been faithful...even in our every day lives...

    I love periwinkle, too! Your daughter`s wedding must`ve looked elegant and fresh! I can imagine!

    Blessings to you,sweet sister! Thank you!

  3. Hi Cathy! I am so excited I have a sister in the Philippines - you! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful view of your world -- through your joys! Blessings, friend!

  4. @Bonnie Gray Hi Bonnie! It's also great to share them with you. It's nice how sisters in the Lord can be so far away geographically, but are able to share about what God's doing in their lives. It's really a sweet blessing! Thank you, Bonnie... and for your jam!



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