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11:31 AM

Wednesday Bulalo Dinner at Tagaytay

The pastors were just talking about eating bulalo and suddenly, they decided we go to Tagaytay, at 6 o' clock in the afternoon. So I sent Micah an SMS that I wouldn't be going home with her that day, and Mark had his small group meeting cancelled (but for more than just the reason of us going to Tagaytay. More complications. haha) And we were off!

Mind you, the bulalo was great...although I didn't eat meat but munched on the veggies. We also had mango-bagoong salad, chopseuy, and fried breaded tawilis...and overflowing iced tea. 

I was full and everyone was feeling heavy in the stomach. We brought the dessert--peanut candy--home with us but the whole thing kept on falling on the floor of the van the whole time so it just ended up in the trash can.

Woodwork Shop in Tagaytay

We also dropped by a wood shop to buy the thing were couples kneel in a wedding ceremony. Don't know what it's called though. 

Wish we stayed in the shop longer 'cause I really had fun looking through all the stuff, trying out things... The furnitures were unique and if my mom was there, she would've gone crazy over the good finds. The wooden faces were fun! And how I wish we had a swing like that in our backyard.

Thursday's Ice Cream Treat at the office from Tatay

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