Fridge Design Challenge

7:55 PM

So here's how our fridge looks like:

Okay. I know that's quite messy... and yeah, not good to look at. haha And I'm really wishing our fridge would look a little colorful and artistic.

And that's my mission for the coming days. ;) I'll be having a couple of days off work because of the Holy Week.. and I'm planning to spend a "Day With The Lord" and do this stuff. I'm excited to show you the result.  Will get back to you as soon as it gets done. <3

Well, anyway... this afternoon, Ptr. Dario gave Papa something that really made my heart marching, leaping and singing!

The black and white Japanese chocolates that I always loved since I was a kid. Remember playing soccer with Yuka and eating this in my Grandparents' garage.

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