Random Thoughts: Just Live Your Life

8:33 PM

One thing I'm learning: Just live your life. You don't have to let the world pressure you or influence how you'll live through every day. Just make the most out of the time you've got.  2h4c3u0


The past few days, I was worrying a lot because I`m getting older and still I haven`t finished college and I have these big dreams but they seem so far away. And I look around at people around me, and see all my friends now living on their own, working in all these top companies and reaching their dreams. And what`s worst is I see all these people living the same dream that I have and I was so pressured to achieve for myself because everyone seems to have something going on with their lives. I felt I wasn`t doing enough, or that I am inadequate.  At one point, I also thought that God has left me and He has forgotten me.


But I realized that I cannot live the way people around me are living their lives. We all have a different story. I cannot look at someone`s life and compare them with my own. God has given us the privilege and responsibility of living this life, to live our lives exactly where we are. Each one us has his/her own set of circumstances. And it`s our job to live the best way that we can out of every circumstance that we`ve got, out of every opportunity, out of all the time we`ve been given. We all live because of the favor of God. Each of us are blessed with gifts everyday and we have to take notice of those things and enjoy this life.


You know, I learned that I cannot live every single day trying to accomplish something. That`s so very tiring. But I could live my life every day, do the things I love, show the people I love that I love them, do my part in this world, share, laugh, help, love, use my time the best that I can to glorify God, and just to live this life the best that I can. That perspective is very different with just trying to come up with something useful or just doing something for yourself to reach your goals. Living your life is different from fulfilling your dreams or achieving. Living your life is living your life, looking at yourself, where are you are right now, enjoying whatever it is that you`ve got and loving everything.


I`m not saying that we should be passive and go to the mountains and sit by our windows waiting for some birds to give us breakfast. No. What I`m trying to say is that it`s the perspective that we have as we live every day. There`s nothing wrong with dreaming. Nothing wrong with wanting to achieve or to make money. But when that becomes an obsession, when that becomes our life, when that robs us of the opportunity to notice how sweet our parents are, how lovely the day is, how wonderful that you have another day to live, that is where the problems come in.


If we would all be focused on living our lives and not on the things we should do or what the world expects us to do, moving towards your goals gets easier because you`re not the living for the future or the past, or for anybody, but you`re living your life today. What`s ahead is what`s ahead. What matters is your today. Whatever you do today they say is “a building block for your future”. If your living your life today, you`ve also gonna live your life tomorrow.


I realized that there are so many things I can do today, so many opportunities to make a difference. Every day holds a new opportunity to live for the glory of God and to be a used by God to display His love and glory. There are so many people around me now. So many children. A lot of work needing hands to make them prosper. If I`m gonna miss every gift around me, then what kind of fool is that? Everyday, God gives me a fresh start, a new beginning, a new sunrise. Every day, he lets the flowers bloom, the birds the to sing. He gives me a new opportunity to love and to hold a hand.


“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh Lord.”

You know, we just have to make the most out of the life given to us. Live everyday like it's gonna be the last. Wake up every morning unsure if you're still gonna have tomorrow. Take every opportunity as sweet blessings from God and don`t panic about your future, because God holds them in His hands. Just live today like how Jesus would live it. No moment wasted. Every second used to glorify God. Every minute enjoyed because it came from the Father, knowing He delights when you delight in Him and the things that He gives.


Life is sweet. And everyday gets sweeter and sweeter when you trust Him and when you live for Him. Nothing should be wasted for worries or fears. Life is so much wonderful that what we think of it today. But we have to live it or it will slip away. Life is short and what tragedy to realize at the end of your life that you really haven`t lived it all.

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