People I'm Gonna Miss: Part 1

1:35 AM

Mawhi and I got close just recently, doing production work for the church. We've been meeting for like a couple of days and a little bit more...and did some make-up girly bonding moment last Sunday.

I really find her beautiful and cool. Soooo fashion-forward yet so strong of a woman. She's such a lady. Just finished advertising, playing acoustic guitar for the church, part-timing in production, and loving make-up and bonding time with friends. 

I'm gonna miss Mawhi. I will miss seeing a strong woman figure. I'm gonna miss her smile and her laughter. I'm gonna miss how she loves to have fun with everybody in church. How could I forget the gay lingo and the fish and fries we deprived Kuya Noy of. Will miss her teaching me how to do make-up. Will miss seeing her sooo pretty every Sunday. Mawhi just inspires me. 

Doc J
I will miss Doc J leading worship. Will miss chatting with him and asking him to tell stories about medical stuff. I will miss him treating me on Starbucks and asking me to treat me again and again. I will miss the Tokyo, Tokyo days. Will never forget him sharing his testimony over dinner. Will miss watching him laugh, watching him tease the guys at the van to San Jose. Ok, I'm gonna miss him teasing me. 

I will miss the doctor, the funny doctor.

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