Cornerstone Memories: From The Beginning

1:43 AM

I`m reminiscing and thinking about the old days and I thought about writing a series about my journey in Cornerstone for the past three years. It`s been a long time and many things have happened. And before Ava and I officially leave, I want to remember and go back on the old days when things were much simpler. We were just ordinary young girls who went to find a new church... and God has brought us so far.

This was our first event at CREW. I`m not sure but I guess this was June 2007. Hark used to attend Fusion with us...and Jam occasionally joins us too.

I started out as a Kids Staff Volunteer under Ate Cora.  I was still in Messiah back then...

Until I finally got to join .COM. Thanks to Micah for inviting me to join and introducing me to Kuya Erwin.

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