Crazy Day: I'm An Actor, Not Cameraman!

10:13 PM

So today, I wasn't cameraman. I wasn't even director or scriptwriter. I was a talent for anniversary month's commercial. And I was kindda freakin' out. They got me say this lines which I only got to memorize on the spot and it was crazy. One scene took like 6 or 7 takes. I was too conscious with how I looked like. Any cameraman, director, or production person who gets to be shot for TV knows how I feel. Production people find it weird, uncomfortable, or even scary to see themselves in their art. And it's really freakin' me out. lolz

Well, anyway.. they only got me paired up with this Close-Up guy...a model--that is... I just needed to stress that out so you would have an idea how crazy I felt. I was intimidated! Seriously! It's my second time on a commercial. The first one in Hongkong was even crazier. Scary, I mean. I looked scary ;)

I just tried to have fun. Laughed the whole time. Thanks to Ate Gracey and Ptr. Ron for being patient and for Doc J who held the reflector all the time. ;) It was an experience.. A crazy but fun one I will never forget...and which I will always make fun with.

Okay. This is Doc J, right here. Photoshoot. 

Men moving stones. Looks like OT characters. 

Doc J acting it out. Oh! He said he was praying here--praying it wouldn't be so hot. 
We did the shoot exactly at noon!

Ptr. Ron, Doc J, and Ate Gracey.

Ptr. Ron taping my sequences. 

At the grounds. Looks like Israel soil, isn't it?

I'm gonna post the video here as soon as it gets edited. I'm the one editing it so it actually feels kindda weird. I started doing it as soon as we got back to the office and I was so embarrassed. Not used seeing myself on cam! Deary! ;)

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