Day of Fire Promo and Bloopers

10:32 PM

 So here's the video I promised you.

Day of Fire Promo from Cathy Canaceli on Vimeo.

The editing seemed like offline 'cause there was limited time to do the work. But you got to see the bloopers.

Day of Fire:Bloopers from Cathy Canaceli on Vimeo.

I got many other videos to share to you. I just need to be a little more patient uploading them. Vimeo only has a 500MB weekly limit for uploads. Youtube takes years to finish loading. Facebook is too exposed. So I decided I'll just put it all up on Vimeo. Anyway, it looks clean and better than Youtube...

Night now. I'm tired of laughing and having to hide from people who have seen the videos. ;) Nyt!

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