Sweetpea Beauty-A Girl After God`s Own Heart

3:17 AM

Ok. I know I`m 23 years old and I`m too old for fairytales. But am I really to old for it?


Untitled-1 Last night, my sister Viola crawled up to my bed and whispered that there`s a new Veggie Tale DVD for girls about real beauty. She was so excited  about Princess Sweetpea who has a stepmother with a deceptive magic mirror. But unlike other fairytales, Princess Sweetpea was beautiful not because of the way she looks nor because of the clothes she wear but because she was a girl after God`s own heart.


“It`s God who sees the beauty in everything. I choose to agree with Him.” –Sweetpea Beauty


What`s more is that Sweetpea Beauty doesn`t hate her stepmother neither does she pray for her doom but would do everything to save her from the deceptive magic mirror!



If you`ve got younger sisters or daughters, or if you`d want to remind yourself that God sees your heart and thinks you`re beautiful just as you are, you can get yourself a copy now. Girls will never be too old for fairytales! So that gives me an excuse to be excited and start looking for the DVD on stores as soon as I can. But then, I`m not sure if it`s already available in the Philippines. Anyhow, you guys can buy in general bookstores if you`re in the US or purchase it online. www.bigidea.com


Remember, God sees the beauty of your heart! ;) Always put that smile on your face, girls!

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