When You Feel Alone

8:16 AM

I was watching a music video this afternoon to help Viola with her spiel. I really felt like crying. If  Viola wasn`t sitting beside, I would`ve cried so much. But since she was watching with me, I kindda felt shy so the tears all went back up. :p


Sometimes, I`m like the girl on the video. I`m loving God and enjoying my fellowship with him, but I get up from where were sitting to look for other things to satisfy me. And then things fall apart and I get hurt.



Family isn`t always happy and laughing. Even if you wear the most expensive clothes and look your best, deep in your heart you`re still looking for something else. You could go on dating and searching for love, but you yearn for someone to love you deeper. Someone to see beyond how you look or how much you earn. Someone who would love you for who you are. Someone who would love you unconditionally.


You go on trying to make yourself happy. Partying and dancing. Singing, and shopping, and making yourself beautiful. All to cover your hurts. The pain of the past. The broken dreams.


And when you`ve given up, you find him.


He has always been right there. Beside you. He was there when you were partying to cover up your hurts. He was there when you`d been trying to look for love even in the wrong places. He was there when you were trying to be beautiful for other people to like you. He was there when your family was falling for apart.


He has never left you even when you thought of leaving Him.


And you finally realize that He is  the One you are looking for. He is the only One who could satisfy you. The longings in your heart. It`s there because He created you to be loved. He created you to be loved by Him.


So come to Him. He loves you and it hurts Him badly to see you feeling alone. Because you`re never alone.


He`s always been and will always be with you.

“I will never leave nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

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  1. Materialistic things makes us happy so temporarily..not like what God could give us.



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