Love Story: 1,000 Gifts

3:20 PM

I couldn `t explain how busy the whole week that has passed was. But it was surely one of the greatest, one of the most rewarding experiences I`ve had this year.


Love Story, the Acoustic Night last Friday was so fun! It always makes my heart leap talking about God`s love. You really can`t get enough of it even if you`ve known Jesus for a long, long time.


I really had a blast this week and makes me even more thrilled and excited working for the Lord.


I can`t express how super thankful I am for the Lord for:


25. Richen, Ate Arla and Ate Cry for coming and singing for Love Story even if they came from work (which by the way is very, very far from our venue).

26. Kyle who is being mightily used by the Lord. His challenge to accept God`s love really melted my heart.

27. For the 180 Degrees people who were so passionate in sharing God`s love to people. Love hanging out with them.


28. Kuki, Ann, and Jok who stayed overnight with us in church. Had a great time laughing and fooling around.

29. Jessica, Ara and Ferdie who are a constant help in the ministry. Love them so much!

30. My sisters Ava and Viola who are with me all the time. I thank God for giving me sisters as lovely and wonderful as them.

31. For the overflowing coffee that`s still overflowing until now.

32. For all the elders..and Bro. Herbert who are always supporting us and helping us. We couldn`t have done it without their help.

33. Young people who responded to God`s love. Jesus is really so amazing! It was beyond what we expected!


34. For an awesome time preparing for Love Story.

35. Street foods in Pampanga yesterday! So cool! I should`ve bought some of them home `cause it will take some time before I get to eat them again.


36. For Mama and Papa who are always behind our back, making sure everything we need are met.

37. For the testimony of a cancer patient in Pampanga which reminded me that God is for us.

38. For Ptr. Dario and his family.

39. For arriving safely back to church after Pampanga.

40. Nice sharing time with Brendon last Saturday.

41. For all the young people who are with us during the event.

42. For our cute little pup, Star, who always welcomes us at home after a long, tiring day.

43. Opening of our Youth Service on Saturday!

44. My heart opened again for missions!

45. For new hopes, dreams, and purpose.


Thank you so much, Lord for the privilege of being able to work for Your glory and for the people You give for us to work with. Awesome! I love serving Jesus!


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  1. Looks like the acoustic night went very well! I think the setup is very well done, too! Congrats on the awesome work :) Though physically tired, but it's the spirit that gets strengthened!

  2. @janwong @janwong Yes,Jan! It went well. It was all God's grace. The week before, we were still needing many things but He was so faithful. Everything was provided for the day before the event.

    And many young people accepted Jesus that night.It was way beyond what we expected.

    Thanks for the encouragement, brother! ;) God bless you always. How's everything going, btw?



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