Firsts: 1,000 Gifts

6:04 PM

Just as I promised, here are the pics of last Saturday`s first youth night! ;) Oh no, I`m late and my thank you list is late too. Praying I`ll be on time next time.



Ava sang acoustic songs and Viola, Ferdie and Junard played guitar for her.
   IMG_2330   Viola hosted the night.


Played a funny game. Game masters were Jessica and Brendon


Everyone was laughing so hard!
IMG_2489  Praise and Worship and…



I`m really so amazed with what God is doing. So blessed! Many things that are happening are those which I never expected, those I didn`t see coming. Jesus always blows my mind!


46. Awesome time at the first Youth Night.

47. Brendon for always bringing, influencing and inspiring young people to go to church.

48.  My 2 year-old handy little digital camera which I love using to shoot videos.

49. For my Dad`s safety at work.

50. For my sweet Mom who always wants me to eat good food! ;)

51. Granny Tess for lending an emergency stove for the church! Now the young people and I are eating good food during sleepovers.

52. Encouragement.

53. Our neighbors in the church building who are kind now!

54. The Grannies who sang in last Sunday`s anniversary in Cavite! They inspire me!

55. Vegetable lunch and dinner. I missed them badly.

56. Star, who never fails to make me and my family smile.

57. Tita Glo, who`s lending Papa her van for tomorrow`s trip to the airport.

58. The food stores at the park.

59. My plug-it internet.

60. Ceylon Tea from Granny Tess which I use to strengthen iced teas. Love it!

61. The young people who are always smiling and makes my day brighter too.


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