Strength: 1,000 Gifts

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It`s Monday again and time for another list of Thank You’s.  I was afraid that this week would get back to normal. You know, the odd days where nothing seems to be happening. We’re past through the big events and I thought everything will be back as it was before.


But God brings pleasant surprises. Some good and some painful…but both opportunities for God to show His glory and His strength.



This week, we learned that Sis. Elen, one of the church elders and our church treasurer got sick and had to be confined to the hospital. We knew she had been feeling bad because of diabetes and her kidney wasn’t in perfect condition. But we were surprised with her feeling terribly bad so she would have to be brought to the hospital.




The elders visited her at Laguna. 2 hours away from Manila. And I was so blessed with the love and the encouragement that the other elders showered on her.IMG_3884

I am even more amazed because she was always smiling and happy in spite of her having to undergo dialysis treatment. In fact, she was strong enough not to lay down on her bed the whole time and the nurses even thought she wasn’t a patient.


So today, I thank God for


62. Healing and strength for Sis. Elen.

63. Provision for Sis. Elen’s family.

64. Our lovely elders who are willing to travel for long hours to visit their friend.

65. Awesome lunch prepared by Nanay Josephina and Nanay Tess.

66. Fun bonding time with Brendon, Ava, Chanel, and Viola at the back of the van.

67. Carlo who was with us in last Sat’s youth service.

68. New ideas for our youth service that always excited us for the coming weeks.

69. Taho we had for mirienda outside the hospital.

70. Jesus who always heals and strengthen us.

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