When God Seems Too Late

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It`s Taking A While

Have you ever prayed about something but it`s been quite a while and it seems God doesn`t seems as concerned about it as you are? Ever felt the urgency but it seems God isn`t in a hurry?


Tonight, my Dad disclosed how he`d been feeling a little bit impatient about things he had been praying about, how God had been teaching him to trust and to wait. I certainly have felt the same way in months of waiting.


Once, I told my friend Micah that I didn`t want to meet with other friends because I`m tired explaining that that I am still waiting on God. I feel that they`re worrying and somehow getting frustrated seeing that nothing is happening. When they start to ask me how everything`s going, I really don`t know how to answer them `cause I`m not sure if they`d understand that I`m trying my best not to hurry. The thing is, I`m left out if I would look at the world`s time. But I know I`m not in His.


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Mary, Martha, and Lazarus

Tonight, my Dad told us a story about Lazarus. When Lazarus was sick

and dying, his sisters Martha and Mary sent a message to Jesus asking him to come and heal their brother. But Jesus didn`t come until after 2 days--even if the disciples were convincing Him to go.


In the end, we know that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. He might had been late in Mary and Martha`s timeline, but was He even late after all?



Not In A Rush

I guess this goes to show that God doesn`t rush things like we do. He does things in His own time, in His own pace. We may insist and persist with our own ways and ask Him to come to us in our own timing, but in the end, it is He who knows best.


He came when Lazarus was dead only to raise Him up again. We can see here that when God moves, it is for the good of all, not just for us who are praying. If He had come and healed Lazarus when He was still sick, people wouldn`t have known the He can raise people from death to life. They wouldn`t have seen it before their very eyes us that truly, Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life.


He Hears Us

At the end of the day, His answers to our prayers would bring Him glory. I am amazed that Jesus answered beyond what Mary and Martha prayed for. They asked for a miracle but God answered in a bigger and grander miracle they had never imagined, a miracle not one of them had ever seen before.


So let`s hold on to the truth that God hears our prayers. Even if He seems to late, even if it seems it`s taking a long time for Him to answer. Let`s trust that He knows best and that His timing is always perfect.


Let`s build our faith up while we wait!  God bless you!nb6oht

P.S. I thank God for my honest dad… I never loved his sincerity, honesty and faith as much as I do now. Build`s me up!

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  1. Great post!! I've been in the "waiting" stage a lot in life but He's always on time!

  2. @Yolanda "Yogi" Allen Definitely! My sister once told me that God is a God of 11:59. He always comes and will never let you down--He saves even at the last minute. ;)

  3. @cathy: had myself asking these questions as well not just once but a lot of times before. i then searched the net to look for prayers and found a site where people prayed for others. it was then that i realized the bulk of prayers that is sent every day. then i wondered, how the Lord multi-tasks it all.

    It was then that I thought to myself, God is never late, he's just making sure my package does not get lost in the mail. :)

    kudos for a well written post.

  4. @rose_colored_thoughts I agree with you! All of us might have asked this question once or twice if not several times in our lives. But God is always on time and carefully answering our prayers according to His will. :)He loves us so we could trust that He will never fail us.. God bless you, friend!



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