I Can`t Get Over It!

10:36 AM


Letting Go When Little Things Annoy Us

I installed my OS update tonight and realized I shouldn`t have allowed it to update Live Writer at the same time because my OS is in Japanese and it would automatically change my Live Writer into Jap as well.

So now, even though I`m loving the 2011 version of Live Writer, would have to reinstall it again and try to figure out how to use it in Japanese for the mean time.  It`s a very trivial matter to make my head hurt and frustrate me, actually. ;p Well, I`m convincing myself. hehe


Sometimes, we allow little things to get to us and annoy us instead of just letting it go. But we don`t realize  that when we allow ourselves to get angry over them, we`re getting angry over everything easily—even in times when it doesn`t make sense to be angry.


I guess we should practice forgiveness starting with the details that distract and annoy us. When your sister wore your favorite shirt or when the dog peed just when you came home from a long tiring day at work, let`s try breathe deep and think about nice things.  If we cannot forgive the guy who accidentally tripped us on the bus, or the helper who burned our toast for breakfast, how are we going to deal with it when people offend us big time? If we cannot get over with the coffee that spilled on the counter or the neighbors` noise at bedtime, I wonder how can we let go when challenging things (or people) come to test us?


So I won`t be annoyed with my Japanese Live Writer anymore. Anyway, it doesn`t hurt `cause I`m using it now and it`s not as bad as I thought.

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