Oops! I Got To Write!

1:16 AM


I haven`t been posting much lately. But I really wanted to write and post as much as I can. I have many stories welling up within me. So many things have happened in the past couple of weeks and I don`t know where to begin. If only we could chat over coffee. ;) I`ve got so many things to share with you.


Ok. The truth is, I`m having a little hard time getting in the mood to write. First, because my internet connection is kindda crazy. I`m using a plug-it internet because I`m staying in church for a full week now to prepare for the upcoming activities. Sadly, my connection is soooo slow (maybe because of signal issues) and uploading—even posting using Live Writer--is taking years to finish. And I`m sure you know how a slow internet connection can get really frustrating.


But I`m back—even with this slow connection—and  I really hope I`d get more inspiration to write. Please also pray for me. ;) Our commitment to write and share shouldn`t be based on feelings, right? ;)


I hope to see you in the next coming days! God bless you!

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